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Music & Time – Rhythm & Rhyme

And like the dust filled shelves of a long-tattered studio, the air breezes past, and the analogue circuits of a time long past echo forth, just as if its finest day, picking up in stride from its last bars and hooks, the air crisp as the dust fly’s through the air, and sets the scene.

The air is energetic, Is it not? That moment you find yourself at the helm, in your element, your music, your moment, be it the first time, or the hundredth, it’s a beauty that transcends feeling, it’s like love is it not? Something so timeless that a thousand stars could burn out before your eyes in a moment and it would as if that single note was but an eternity, hmm?

But of course, that note is eternity, from that first moment, to its recording, its transcription to manuscript, or even your verbal articulation, as was so for countless generations, the music, is as eternal as time itself.

A manifestation of consciousness itself within the universe itself, no new age spiritual nonsense, I’m talking the energy of sound, pure science, and within it, all the wonder of the lyrics, the mood, the tonality, and when you step back, as but a single candle in the universe, never misunderstand or underestimate the brilliance that you bring into manifestation.

And we lose sight, don’t we?

Through the days, the ways, the commercialism, the pressure to “make it” but for an artform rooted in the cores of science and so amazing it finds itself to be one of the highest revelations of philosophy, there is one lesson, that no one ever tells you.

The truth, you know the first moment you heard it? You remember that first moment you really felt it, and if you’re a musician you know what I mean, be it on a stage, in a solo, writing your latest bar, and you just “hear it, and feel it”

Ladies and Gentlemen, that was the moment you “made it” the rest is circumstantial and simply how you “make something of it”

But across the drift of time, in commercialist society, we, on the whole have forgot this, a side effect of the society we live in, and there is nothing wrong with trying to “make something of it” but let’s “keep it real” shall we?

If music is the expression of consciousness itself, we live in one of the most amazing times in human history, where every man, woman and child has access to music and can become involved with it, despite the side effects, never at any other point in time has music been so accessible.

And sadly, never has it been more commercially inclined, but remember my friends, this has nothing to do with music, from our ancestors singing tunes around a campfire, to the trumpets of noble just battles, the harps of angels in courts of the finest maids, do you think this had anything to do with money?

No, what was eternal, music, had an artifice developed around it, but your notes, your moment, your creation, will see the rise and fall of empires, the colonization of the solar system, and if never heard, like that dusty studio, it remains as it is, and always will be.

So I’m here to tell you all, if you’ve heard it, if you’ve felt it, you have already “made it” and hold your head high to that, the money, the fame, even the girls huh guys? All irrelevant to the point, just side effects.

Music spans the depths of time, no matter the rhyme, so keep in mind, when in yourself you find the place and time, that resounds like a crescendo of space and time, your position and place as part of this race echoes through eternity, like waves across the stars.

Now would all you gangsters go listen to Beethoven’s 9th with a glass of hennessy already? 

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