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Its easy to get started making beats, but at times you might find yourself lost, caught up in the technical aspects and advanced concepts that can seem overwhelming when you first start out and hold you back from making the music you truly want to be producing...

But now with the FL studio tutorials series offered by Beat Generals, you can take your music to the next level by learning the tips, tricks and techniques used by pro's

Whether your a beginner, expert or somewhere in between, if your serious about your music, Beat Generals is serious about you.

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• High Quality Easy to Understand FL Studio Video Tutorials

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So your looking for FL Studio Tutorials?

If you have just started with digital music production, one of the best things that can help you refine and develop your skills is a quality FL Tutorial Series such as Beat Generals, but in this day and age of free tutorials and YouTube videos your probably wondering why you would bother?

Your serious about your music yes? You spend late nights wanting to produce those epic beats and spread your time across forums and videos picking up techniques and skills here and there, but can you imagine how much your musical abilities would improve if you had access to a dedicated series, designed to not only teach, but help you develop to be an amazing producer?

Within yourself is the potential to take yourself to the level of music production you have always aspired to, the key do doing this is having access to good teachers, and good tutorials, all of which and more are available through Beat Generals.

There is no “sell” but just logic, if you were wanting to seriously study a subject, particularly one such as music, no doubt when you first started you would review free material, but when it came time for you to take it seriously you would want to take it to the professional level, so take a step in the professional direction and empower yourself with a solid foundation in digital music production.

A Solid Digital Music Foundation...

The FL Studio Tutorials offered by Beat Generals are comprehensive and diverse, ranging from old style techno beats through to modern dub step and house styles, the real jewel of the tutorials is that they give you the ability to develop your own personal flare and technique, not just some carbon copy of everything else, why?

Through exposure to all the different styles you will experience through the tutorials you will get experience in producing and mixing a variety of different digital styles, all of which with time and dedication you can then adapt to your own unique approach to the genre.

And so you should, remember, music is not confined to any rules, the only limitation is your own creativity and imagination and in the realm of digital the only thing stopping you from producing the music you have always wanted to is the education on how to do so, this is where a premium tutorial series will help you, and inspire you.

You have to believe in yourself and your creative potential, but if your serious about your ambitions, then you also have to give yourself the best and that is done by giving yourself a good education of the fundamentals of digital music production and while yes, no one will deny, this information is all across the internet, the beauty of Beat Generals and the FL Studio Tutorials they provide is that everything is consolidated in the one place, with a team and community ready to assist you with any questions you may have, not to mention regularly produced new content so that you can continue to develop your skills and diversify your sounds and technique.

The real question is how serious are you about producing digital music? If you are truly committed to your musical craft, then Beat Generals will place you on the right path for the development of your music and your continued artistic expression, a stepping stone it may be, but invaluable as you cross this path of your artistic river.

What is FL Studio?

FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation used for producing digital music or creating accompanying digital sections to more traditional compositions, in many respects it is the underdog of DAW's in a time where there are a wide variety of different software packages to choose from.

But FL Studio is by no means new, in fact it was one of the first fully developed digital audio workstation packages to be released as the wave of digital music took center stage and began to wash across the music industry incorporating itself into existing genre's and giving life to entirely new ones.

While encountering many different iterations over the years, the software endures as an industry standard choice for digital music producers and hobbyists as well as acting as a great entry level piece of software for beginners because of its simplicity and its versatility all contained within a single stand alone piece of software that functions brilliantly on its own but also as a great digital tool used in conjunction with other digital audio workstations and beat production hardware.

Beginners find it brilliant because its price point is cost effective and its functionality simple enough to understand and begin to become familiar with all the different techniques and concepts associated with digital music production and advanced users appreciate it because of its straight forward nature and intuitive flexible methods of operation that allow them to get down to work and start creating beats with minimum fuss, but still retaining the advanced functionality to tweak and master their final track in a professional capacity.

Aesthetically its Graphic User Interface (GUI) is both simple to understand, navigate and use for the production of your music, but FL Studio is not just about looks, where its brilliance really becomes apparent is in its wide range of diverse features that are equal to and in some cases surpass many of the other DAW's available to musicians and producers alike.

Fully Featured Digital Audio Workstation

If your already familiar with digital audio workstations then you might have an idea of what to expect, however if you are new to producing you should know that FL Studio has a full array of features and functionality, including but of course not limited to...

  • Simple & Intuitive Pattern Sequencing Interface
  • Dynamic & Versatile Mixing Interface
  • Fluid & Responsive Playlist Interface for Arranging
  • Scalable, Re-arrangeable Windows and Panels
  • Fully Featured in-built VST's & Custom VST Capabilities
  • Multi-Touch Screen Support & Functionality
  • Fully Developed & Powerful Piano Roll
  • Straight Forward Midi In & Out Capabilities
  • Advanced Mastering, Mixing & Fader Controls

Whether your already using another digital audio workstation or not, one cant look past the impressive range of features and functionality boasted by FL Studio and with over ten years of development not to mention used by some of the worlds leading digital artists, you can be sure your fully equipped to start making your very own masterpieces when you start using FL.

The software comes in a variety of purchasing tiers, ranging from entry level through to advanced, with each version adding greater levels of sophistication and diversity of custom VST's that are available to you.

  • Fruity Edition ($99)
  • Producer Edition ($199)
  • Signature Bundle ($299)
  • All Plug In Bundle ($737)

While the additional Plug Ins and VST's are certainly great to have to diversify your creative sound banks and something you may wish to consider purchasing in the future, for most beginners the entry level Fruity Edition is more that capable of producing all your music, your only limitations would be your access to custom files, but even so what is available to you is still quite diverse and expansive, not to mention once you purchase FL Studio you are entitled to free updates for life meaning you can always stay up to date with the latest versions of the software as they are released.

FL Studio Mobile

Believe it or not though, as impressive at the stand alone editions features are it also comes with a mobile and tablet counterpart, while having to be purchased separately, when installed onto your iPhone or Android device it allows for seamless fully functional digital music production on the go, whether your sitting in a cafe or catching a train, when the moment of creativity strikes you can start laying down your tracks instantly through the mobile app, fully completing them there and then if you so desire, or saving your ideas and transferring them back to your computer later to continue production and mastering.

While certainly not as diverse as its premium computer based digital audio workstation, the mobile edition of FL Studio is still equally impressive, boasting its own unique range of features tailored to mobile and tablet devices...

  • 99 Track Beat Sequencer
  • 130 Premium Quality Instruments
  • Full Piano Roll Functionality
  • Midi Import & Export Functions
  • Dynamic Wave Editor for Trim & Cross Fades
  • Reverb, Delay, Equalizer, Amp & Filter Effects
  • Direct SoundCloud Publishing
  • 24 Track Simultaneous Recording

Even if you have just started out with digital audio production and only using the basic Fruity Edition of FL Studio, given the full functionality of the mobile edition, its certainly something worth purchasing, if not initially, somewhere down the road as it will allow you to create beats on the fly, no matter where you are in the world allowing your creativity to not be compromised and most importantly, the idea not lost while waiting to return to your computer.

So what is FL Studio? It is a Modern, fully featured, dynamic, versatile and intuitive digital audio workstation that will empower you and allow you to start creating your own digital music, mixing, mastering and publishing it all from within a single stand alone powerhouse piece of software, so no matter whether your a seasoned veteran of the digital scene wanting to diversify your digital sounds and resources, or a brand new beginner wanting to learn the ropes on a professional industry standard platform, its a DAW that has everything you need to succeed and start making your music today, tomorrow and beyond.

What is Beat Generals?

If FL Studio is the underdog of digital audio workstations, then Beat Generals would be its Wingman, while not an official or endorsed product of Imagine Line, it stands by its side acting as an educational resource for all those using the software, acting as a guiding light for those just starting out with beat production and an old friend giving advice to seasoned veterans.

At its core, Beat Generals is a Premium FL Studio Video Tutorials series, but where it differs from the multitude of other tutorial series on the internet, both in the written form on websites, and video format found on popular websites such as YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo is in its well organized, comprehensive nature, everything is categorized by skill level and progressively builds upon itself, so you are always learning in a structured method to give yourself a solid foundational understanding of digital music production and beat making.

But Beat Generals is no cookie cutter tutorial series, simply going over everything you could read anywhere else on the internet or find on YouTube, while of course covering all the fundamental basics that you need to know to get started or improve your existing abilities, you will be learning how to create real beats, in the style of many of the big name artists topping the charts both past and present such as, Key Wane, Jay Z, PartyNextDoor, Drake, DJ Mustard and Timbaland Sylenth just to name a few...

What that means Is that not only will you have access to a diverse range of comprehensive FL Studio Tutorials, you will be learning how to use industry standard software, in the style of some truly great digital artists and producers, learning real techniques and audio production skills that you can incorporate into your own production style instantly adapting them to your own unique style.

But you might find yourself wondering, is that all Beat Generals has to offer, a catalogue of video tutorials? Well your in for a surprise because that's only the start of what Beat Generals has to offer...

  • Premium Video FL Studio Tutorials
  • High Quality Drum Kit Sounds & VST Files
  • Regular Monthly Updates Adding New Tutorials
  • Dedicated Support Team, 24 / 7
  • Interactive Community Forum of Producers

Every video tutorial produced by Beat Generals is done so in the highest quality possible, and instantly accessible from the exclusive members section once you sign up, the tutorials are categorized by level of ability and easy to understand, guiding you through each and every aspect of what you need to do through an in depth video display.

In addition to the drum kit sounds and custom VST's that come loaded with FL Studio, when you join Beat Generals, you get access to a wide range of high quality drum kits and custom sounds as part of the tutorial series, as well as having exclusive access to unique audio samples and beat tracks not available anywhere else, accessible through the community forums and members section.

While the current range of tutorials offered by Beat Generals is huge, already consisting of 2012 premium FL Studio Tutorials, totalling around 7187 minutes of in depth high quality educational material, there are always new things on the horizon, so you can expect regular updates and new tutorials for you to learn from and continue to develop your skills with.

Most of all, Beat Generals is created by producers, for producers, and in addition to offering dedicated support services, the community forums is filled with like minded people of all skill levels all imparting there own particular wisdom and ideas as well as supporting each other and most of all encouraging each other to keep with it and keep learning.

No matter what your skill level, or what your familiarity with FL Studio is, the range of tutorial series offered by Beat Generals will act as an invaluable resource allowing you to learn everything you need to know to get started and giving you the skills and techniques to translate what you have learned to any other digital audio workstation that you may wish to use in the future as you continue to diversify your audio production techniques.

When using Beat Generals, the pace of your learning is dictated by you, there is no obligation to move forward until you feel you are ready to, so if you wish to study some tutorials then spend a few days practising your skills in FL Studio before moving on you can, or if you feel you have grasped the concept quickly you can instantly move on to the next section, Beat Generals gives you the power of choice, to empower yourself and learn at your own pace.

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