Taking a Look at Beat Maker Online Software

If your just getting started out with digital music production, or perhaps been involved for a while but looking for something a bit more versatile depending on your location, you might have found yourself wondering about all these beat maker online websites that seem to be cropping up everywhere these days…

While these kind of beat makers can be fun, for the most part the kind of beat maker online applications or websites available are generally more for novelty purposes, or a quick thing when your bored rather than a dedicated digital audio workstation, with that said though, if your out and about sitting in a coffee shop on your mobile or tablet, they can be useful if you just want to lay down a quick beat.

With that said, if you have only just been daydreaming about digital music production, and are really not even sure if its something you might be interested, it might be worthwhile for you to have a bit of a fool about with some of these beat maker online websites, because while they are extremely simplified and generally very limited, it will give you a basic understanding of the concepts you can expect to be executing when you start using something a bit more entry level like FL studio, Ableton or perhaps Reason.

If your just looking for a solely web based digital music solution, there are actually quite a number of them available for you to choose from, all with there own varying nature of functionality and quality…

  • Drumbot

  • Beatlab

  • Button Base

  • One Motion – Drum Machine

These are some of the first truly free online beat maker software programs your probably going to be presented with when you start searching around online, make no mistake they are very simple, and the websites are generally littered with advertisements, but as I indicated, if your just looking to have a little bit of fun, or tip your toes into the waters of digital music production to see if the concepts of sequencing an arranging are interesting to you, then spend a few minutes and take a look.

Now amidst the clutter of all these free websites, there are a number of simple digital audio workstation programs, some offering straight online services, others as stand alone applications, they are generally around the price point of $30 – $50 USD, and while they look good, take my word for it, for the most part, these software applications are usually not that much more developed than some of the free online beat makers you might find out there, and generally speaking, being from small independent developers, more interested in making a buck, than providing cheap solutions to digital music production enthusiasts, they often are riddled with bugs, and very slow with updates if they come at all.

Wonderful looking sales pitches, wonderful looking software at times, but often, in my experience, its just “lipstick on a pig” so if you take a look around at some of these free beat maker online applications and as a result of your experiences want to invest some of your money into an entry level digital audio workstation, if you were contemplating spending $50 on some of these “middle ground” independent software packages, I urge you to invest just a little bit more money and take a look at some truly stable, fully developed entry level beat software packages such as FL Studio, Ableton or Reason, amongst many others that are available because that little bit extra money invested will get you a solid, bug free application that you practice, study and produce with and start producing truly quality music on a stable platform.  

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