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The Reality of Modern Beat Machine Software

So your stepping forward into the wild and wonderful world of beat machine software and I suppose your trying to wade through all the muck and grime and figure out fact from fiction and where you should really be starting out on your path of digital production right?

The reality is that when it comes to beat machine software there are literally so many options available these days it can seem somewhat overwhelming at first, but the important thing to always take into consideration is that it is the artist that makes the software, not the software that makes the artist, what ever genre it is that you create music for…

Truth be told there are dozens, if not more truly high quality beat software production packages available these days, ranging from everything from Ableton to Reason and everything In between, but what you really want to focus on when your first looking for the right software to use is what suits you right in the here and now, both in terms of your skills and budget.

Honestly, software packages like Ableton are brilliant, and will give you everything you need and more, but if your just starting out, do you really want to drop your hard earned cash on some big time software package before you really know what your doing?

Your best approach when first starting out with digital production software is to focus on the entry level software, things like FL studio and a variety of other web based applications, and smaller boutique cost effective software that allows you to get up and running straight away with minimum fuss and hassle…

Honestly, there are many entry level software programs available to you…

  • FL Studio

  • DR Drum

  • BTV Solo

  • Dub Turbo

  • Acoustica Beatcraft

And that's just to name a few, trust me, there are so many more beat machine software packages out there if you have the time and patience to wade through them all, ranging from simple software packages to state of the art hardware packages and everything in between.

The most important thing to take into consideration is matching your current technical ability with the software, its all well and good to have the industry standard software, but if its all to complicated for you to use and sling out a beat, what's the point right?

Realistically speaking, so many people get caught up in thinking that they need the high ticket price software to get started making there music, but in truth, even software like FL studio will allow you to start creating the music in your head almost instantly if you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the basics, which you can do using a variety of free tutorials on places like YouTube and of course premium tutorials offered through the likes of Beat Generals and similar.

The obstetrical you want to overcome Is doubting yourself, and thinking you need all the bells and whistles to succeed, what you need to create your music, is your individual creativity, and you already have that, everything is just a tool and while you may want to graduate to more industry standard software in time, these entry level software packages such as FL Studio offer you everything you need to get started, express yourself and start banging out beats like a pro, all it takes is some familiarization with the software and your own unique artistic expression.

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