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Getting Started With Beat Drum Machine Software

Whether your an aspiring digital producer or just a musician looking to create some truly killer backing tracks for your instrumental sections using excellent beat drum machine software is essential if your going to get the best results and reflect your music in the most professional light possible…

In truth, there are a multitude of options these days for beat drum machines, you can go the hardware path and take a look at some of the industry standard products such as the Korg Volca, Casio RZ-1, or Roland TR-707 just to name a few, all of which are excellent products and certain to get you up and running creating the kind of beats you are looking to make, however if your brand new to the digital music space and not the kind of individual to have deep pockets, you might find yourself more interested in the software approach.

Digital music production software has taken to the industry like a thunderstorm, where once it used to be the case where you used to be required to have high tech equipment, powerful computers and some sort of degree in digital production, now with the fluid simplicity of the music production software that is available these days, you can honestly find yourself up and running in a really short amount of time using just your laptop or desktop computer, believe it or not there are even mobile applications for digital music production these days, if your so inclined to take that approach.

While there are a number or beat drum machine software programs available, If your brand new to the digital production field, or just looking to have a bit of fun with it all, the best place for you to start is probably going to be something like FL studio, its essentially entry level software, but with all the bells and whistles of industry standard software, and its reasonably priced with the entry price point for the basic package being set as low as $99 USD, which compared to some of its professional contemporaries such as Ableton Live, Cubase Elements and Reason is quite competitively priced and gives you everything to get started in the digital music production space…

Sure these “industry standard” applications are brilliant, don't be mistaken, they really are high quality programs, however if your brand new to digital music software, don't waste your cash where you don't need to, the truth of the matter is, its about the individual not the software itself.

To name but a few artists using FL Studio….

  • Basshunter

  • Soulja Boy

  • Hans Zimmer

  • Daft Punk

  • Afrojack

The truth is, these days, there are so many beat production tools available to musicians and producers, ranging from hardware options, to software options and combinations of everything in between, but if your looking to get started with this kind of software your best bet is to take a look at FL studio, for everything it has to offer is probably what your looking for at an entry level position in your music production career.

Whatever you choose, make sure the software fits your style, and offers everything you need, but be sure to take a look at FL studio, it offers a free trial so you can become familiar with the specifics before parting with your hard earned cash, but if your interested in starting out with beat drum machine software, look no further than FL for all your needs and remember, its the musician who makes the software, not the software that makes the musician. 

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