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The Landscape of Beat Music Maker Programs

Scoping about up and down the alley ways of search engines, back water internet forums and that guy with that cool bling profile on Facebook who is quite confident that he is indeed the next greatest thing since Eminem with no tracks on his sound cloud and all your trying to find out is what the best music beat maker software to start using right?

Don't you just love it though? Everyone puffing there feathers, sprouting there tracks, flaming like trolls all in the name that the software they use is the holy grail of all grails of music beat maker software, totally forgetting that its your creativity that matters most, not the bells and whistles of your software, and I don't want to be a sarcastic voice of reason or anything, but last I checked Beethoven wrote the ninth deaf and on paper … so you know, just going out on a whim saying imagination comes first.

And why wouldn't it, how could it not? Listen if creativity was about conformity, then we would actually just use the software to create some static beat, but music is about individuality, the world has only one of you, and one of everyone else, so be yourself and don't worry about the rest.

Now with all that said, you have to make sure the music beat maker software your using is the right fit for you, and both industry standard at the same time, certainly there are a number of free options available to you and they are great if your literally just taking a look to see if your interested in all this digital music stuff, however if your sure you want to walk down the digital path, your best strategy would be to set yourself up with a fully developed digital audio workstation…

Now, of course you want to ask questions of those using the software to produce music, but you also want to use your “nonsense detector” and try and discern who is just being biased, and who is putting out real good advice, the truth is, the majority of the entry level industry standard music beat maker programs offer free trials, and in the interest of finding the best fit for you and your style, I recommend you take a look at them all and see what works best for you, after all you are going to be spending a lot of time working with the software, its better to use something your comfortable with that works for you.

For truly industry standard digital audio workstations, your going to want to take a look and review the following programs…

  • Cubase

  • Reason

  • Pro Tools

  • FL Studio

  • Logic Pro X

  • Sequel 3

  • Studio One

  • Ableton Live

If you start talking with veterans or searching around, you might become aware of some additional applications, as there are of course more than I have listed above, but these are some of the main programs your going to encounter, they all have there own particular strengths, weaknesses and nuances, however fundamentally, many of the basic principles are the same so if you take your time to learn how to produce on one of them, as you progress in your music production abilities you will very quickly be able to transition over to different programs.

One word of wisdom to you though, if your brand new, before you lay down your cash on any of these software programs, take a look at the educational resources and tutorials available for the program first and make sure your happy with them, as your really going to find that supplement educational material vital when you first start out, certainly there are a variety of tutorial material available for most of these digital audio workstations, but does it communicate itself and convey itself to you effectively? Look for the things you understand, keeping in mind, once you get over that initial learning curve you will be able to take your skills learnt from one beat music maker and be in a better position to understand the more advanced educational material for the others.

Take it one step at a time, and keep marching forward, and never lose sight of your own inner creativity, the more you use your chosen digital audio workstation, the more familiar you will become with it until eventually, you will stop thinking about the technical, and just be able to produce without thought.  

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