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The Fact & Fiction of Beat Making Programs

Ok so your either just starting out in digital music production or interested in starting out and as you surf your way around the web on your keyboard trying to find out beat making programs to use your no doubt being confronted with a lot of different chatter on social media and forums with every, man, woman, there dog, cat and potentially bird throwing in their two cents about what they feel is the best beat making programs to use…

Lets be honestly realistic, its a matter of fact that most people are going to be biased towards there personal preferences, so if they use FL, they are probably going to advocate that, if they use Ableton, they will similarly probably swear black and blue its the best way to go, and of course there are those ultra high end producers that only use state of the art equipment who have been using it for so long that they cant contemplate making beats on anything less than a fully dedicated studio filled to the brim with hardware racks and industry standard software.

So how on earth as a novice are you going to figure out what the best digital audio workstation software package you should start using to get started in digital music production?

Well there are a few things you always want to take into consideration when selecting your software, take advice and listen to the industry veterans, they really do know what they are talking about, that is why after all they are pumping out tracks to their sound cloud, hosting events at nightclubs and making a living off what they do, however despite this most of them will tell you it is not actually the software that makes the artist, it is the artist that makes the software and taking that into consideration, what you then need to keep in mind is that your looking for a quality digital audio workstation to get started with, not necessarily the Mercedes Benz of software.

Fortunately, such entry level beat making programs do exist and also at very effective price points, in addition to taking into consideration that it will be you that makes the software, not the other way around, if you are brand new to digital music production and particularly if you are keen to really roll up you sleeves and start learning that you review what supplement educational material, both in terms of written and video tutorials that are available to you for the software you are using, both from the software developers themselves and on major video and social networking sites because having a tutorial companion series to teach you can really help get over that initial learning curve.

But your probably looking wanting to know what kind of software packages exist, while there are a number of free and “cost effective” packages available, I suggest you hit the ground running with something of true entry level industry standard, it might take you just a little bit more to learn initially, but once you do, as all software of an industry standard level operate in a similar manner, you will be well on track to chop, change and alternate between them all as your skills improve.

Some of the primary entry level digital audio workstations that you will want to take a look at are…

  • FL Studio

  • Reason

  • Cubase

  • Pro Tools

  • Logic Pro X

  • Studio One

  • Sequel 3

Remember as you review and make your decision about what beat making programs you want to use, that if they are of an industry standard, you can be assured of there quality, different features and functionality certainly, but it will come down to your own personal preference in the end, but if you start yourself on a solid digital audio workstation it will see you in good stead for your digital music production career or hobby, well into the future, wherever the beats take you.  

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