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  • The Digital Verses Conventional Music Debate

    If your a musician, or perhaps even an avid music enthusiast no doubt at some stage you have either had, or overheard the digital verses conventional music debate, which of course despite having different nuances, generally boils down to...

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Alternative Electronic & The Mistress of Shadow

While certainly to most the definition of digital music conjures up all the common musical genres in ones mind, rap, hip hop, dub step, trance and of course everything in between, however while often not so overt, the reality is that the elements of digital music are as prevalent in many contemporary genres, and why should they not be? After all it is simply an extension a digital expression of the eternal dance and majesty of music?


No better is this adaptation of digital expression found than in the alternative music scene, and in the context of this particular written piece today, we bring the subject of attention to the virtuosic dark tapestry that is the work's of Emilie Autumn, who if your not familiar with you most certainly should be, not only classically trained, but also a true showman, or showgirl as the case is in this circumstance blending elements of classical music, alternative rock all fuelled by an infections digital tapestry that often overlays the entire spectrum of her sounds…

Your opinions as they may be, there is no escaping that her music is no doubt unique, as it is expressive, often in the darker tones, but then again that never stopped people from enjoying Edgar Allen Poe, so why should her art be any different? And while even she may regret some of her fame of fortune as being reliant on her beauty as so colourfully expressed in her iconic track “Thank God I'm Pretty” as heard on her most notable album to date Opheliac, the truth is while eclectic there is no dismissing this mistress of the musical nights artistic virtuosity.

But the question is, what is this mistress of night and her violin up to in the year 2015? Well the waters are silent for the most part, pending events of her personal life in 2014, however being the prolific artist she is, it is certain that we shall see something on the horizon in the not to distant future (or at least this Author hopes) as her last album “Fight Like a Girl” was put out in 2012.

If your not familiar with Lady Autumn, but you have an ear for digital music, you really should be, while certainly her tonality expresses itself in a dark tone backed by subtle, and sometimes overt electronic beats, if you can actually cut through the overt, you will actually hear despite her musics dark tonality, it bursts with light an optimism but in the counterpoint of the mood and the lyric, expressing inspiring art and philosophical imagery for both women and men alike.

You see digital, is really nothing more than another layer of expression, while you might find her music initially perhaps to “over shadowed” by dark overtones to hear it, as I said everything is really a counterpoint, her music, is in fact not gloomy at all, its inspiring, but, to truly get it you have to get your head around the reflective emotion that is being expressed, and perhaps, have walked the sorrowful path less travelled yourself.

To some, it may seem like an overt showcase of cross instrumentation, however if you break it down to its roots, its quite the brilliant reflection of emotion, ranging from the gut wrenching torture of heartache and loss, to the fury of revenge and the playful spirit of emotions themselves, but you wont see it, or rather hear it, unless you can truly see both the primary melody and most importantly its counterpoint.


The raw expression of emotion and intensity of its deliverance, combined with a personality that is expressively unique is what delivers Emilie Autumns music, its raw, its at times overt, and there is no denial of power in her expression, and as indicated at the start of this album, whatever your preference of digital based music, I encourage you to take a look around the alternative music scene, past, present and keep an ear to the ground for the future, because you will find digital elements incorporated all over the place in subtle and unique ways, digital is but an instrument, not a genre, and what a diverse instrument it is.

But at first glance, and if your not familiar you probably think she's just a cute girl capitalizing on the Gothic alternative card? Well, I wouldn't do justice explaining it all, but if your not familiar you might find her true nature and philosophies are a little but more elaborate than that, while her personal biography might give a bit more explanation, if you in the mood for a short read, give her wiki page a glance.

To close out this piece on a lighter note, one cant help but wonder, what would an album put together by Emilie Autumn, featuring Lady Ga Ga, featuring guitars by Andre Olbrich and John Schafer put to a storyline by Arjen Lucassen sound like? Well I have no idea, but I am sure it would be brilliant, and hey, give me enough time and enough resources and I will hire them all for a symphonic album.  

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